Flying Fries
Flying Fries


- Remerged GLTFs with 747-8i from SU13 update (it's still - and will remain - an installer, though)
Installer update: For those who had issues with version 2.0.0, because of custom installation paths. No new feature or fix brought the plane itself.
- Now based on Working Title B747-8i since AAU2.
- Includes an installer: IT IS NO LONGER A DRAG AND DROP ADD-ON! Take a look at the README.txt after unzip.
- Download file is half the size of previous one: 400 MB -> 200 MB.
- Fix: Shuttle Payload Manager EFB screen is no longer clickable when turned off.
- Added touchscreen EFB/tablet: shuttle payload manager (no need to use the ingame fuel & payload menu anymore to adjust your Shuttle configuration)
- Added scroll up/down interactivities for both "arm" and "separate" button covers of the Detach Console
- Smooth animations (buttons/covers) for the Detach Console
- PBR texture for the LCD screen of the Detach Console
- Catering truck and luggage crew removed
- Decresed fuel efficiency a bit more
- You can now release the orbiter midair!! (dedicated console in the cockpit + orbiter animated when leaving the 747)
- Fries and coke on the pilot's side (toggleable)
- I've made a long YouTube video explaining how everything works (from cold and dark with the shuttle to landing without it) : See the file description to get the link.
Initial release



In 1977 the NASA acquired a beautiful Boeing 747-100 and turned it into an SCA: Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. In 1990, they did it again with another 747-100. And that's it. That's all. That's how rare this aircraft is.

This freeware add-on (limited to PC users), based on Asobo and Working Title work for the base aircraft and the avionics, respectively, allows you to fly this heavy Queen of the Skies with her precious cargo and feel its weight from takeoff to landing. If you want, you also have a device in the cockpit to launch the Endeavour orbiter while flying under certain conditions.

Released on: 2022-09-23
Version: 2.0.2


  • The Endeavour space shuttle with PBR textures.
  • A custom EFB to customize your shuttle weight and configuration.
  • A custom panel to release the shuttle in flight.
  • Does not replace your 747: adds a new aircraft to your hangar.
  • Benefits from all the Working Title avionics upgrade to the base 747.