Flying Fries
Flying Fries


OK, it's a small team. But that's how all team start, right? And this small team is already doing huge things!


Founder of Flying Fries. I discovered development/coding when I was 8 and digital painting and 3D when I was a teenager.

A few decades later, I'm finally putting these skills to good use!


Self-taught flight model troublemaker wizard (who doesn't want to be given such a high title), with a penchant for mathematical precision and a dedication to solving the most complicated problems.


Not to be corny, but let's not forget that without the ingenuity and generosity of a few people who didn't mind sharing their knowledge with the world, Flying Fries would have never existed.

I won't make an exhaustive list, but it is important to me to thank TouchingCloud, Jonx, Mamu, and all the creators who continue to push the boundaries of Microsoft Flight Simulator for the benefit of all!