Flying Fries
Flying Fries


- Ambient Occlusion maps fixed on all "rings" and "tunnels variants
- Black artefact on wood textures fixed on all "narrow rings" variants
- New collection: "Killing Machines" with 5 x 2 animated obstacles (with and without collisions)
- Test scene included (at FTTB airport) with all the items placed
- Complete rework of lights color meaning (see mod description for details)
- All objects have real point/spot lights to better mix with their emissive textures and increased night visibility
- Better collision meshes for hard rings and hard tunnel
- New animated elements : Ring-Hard-Rotation + Ring-Rotation
- Default tunnels are now animated
- All previous obstacles have been declined in a new collection of obstacles with COLLISIONS ENABLED
- Color swap (red/green) on bridge legs
- Emissive color variation for pylons arrows (red/green instead of orange)
I noticed some of my asset had a wrong origin point. This is fixed now!
Initial release



The Aerobatics Model Library is a set of aerobatics obstacles for free use by scene creators.

There are currently two families of obstacles in this pack, for a total of 13 obstacles available both with collision detection (purple light/red color) and with collision (yellow light/blue color).

Before trying to use them in your own creations, feel free to try them out at FTTB, where they will all be on display.

Released on: 2022-03-18
Version: 1.0


  • PBR, highly detailed textures and complex modeling.
  • Scrapyard Obstacles: 8 x 2 obstacles. Some of them are animated.
  • Killing Machines: 5 x 2 obstacles. All of them are animated.
  • All obstacles have emissive lights and spot/area lights to improve their visibility in the dark.
  • Know your colors: A static and non-collidable board explaining the color codes of the obstacles.
  • A test scene that showcases all these obstacles: FTTB (Bangor Airport, in Chad).