Flying Fries
Flying Fries


- Replaced medium parking spots with small ones
- Fixed inconsistent ground textures
- Fixed Heli-Dolly emissive texture
- Added a windsock at the runways crossing
- Hangars, House, Tower and fences now have collisions (you can land an helicopter on the hangars if you want to)
- Improved clearances (fences/obstacles) at the end of the runways and crossing, to allow aircrafts to go taxi or parking
- Food truck heavily modified (textures, 3D model) and now acts as an helipad (for drive-thru!) ... It's very difficult though!
- Disabled snow on people and some other objects
Initial release



Welcome to the very small and crazy regional airport of Lagleygeolle.

These two chaotic and intersecting runways are located in the center of France, on the top of a small hill in the Corr├Ęze department. In reality, it's only a microlight airport, but some experienced pilots come here with their Cap-10 or DR-400. Now, you can also try it in Microsoft Flight Simulator and even feel audacious with a Bonanza or even bigger aircraft, if you dare.

Released on: 2022-05-09
Version: 1.1


  • Custom, colored lighting all across the airfield.
  • Custom buildings, fences, and other objects.
  • For challenging helicopter landings: custom mobile helipads with night lighting.
  • And if you're hungry or even bolder: try to land on Lord Frites' food truck!