Flying Fries
Flying Fries


- Minor update for full compatibility with SU12 (no big deal, no new feature, no major fix).
- Compatible with Sim Update 11 (no new feature for this release)
v3.0 "eyes on the road":

- New display regrouping all useful information in front of the pilot. Including a "trip estimation" (distance and time) based on your remaining fuel, current fuel flow, and current ground speed.
- Fixed/Improved tooltips for the panel, cockpit and landing lights toggles
- Mod folder renamed! ("lrdfrt-" instead of "vvvfrt-" since no more dependency to other mods)
v2.1 "better look, better performances":

- New labels (displays brightness, Auto-Pilot knobs, etc.)
- Improvement of all existing labels (placement, color, PBR parameters).
- New spoiler handle with integrated and progressive light (0%, 25%, 50% 75% steps).
- Improved Cortana shader.

- Fuel management system switched to SU10 model.
- Better fuel efficiency: 5000NM legs are now possible! (previously: 2000NM was the max you could do).
- Better and smoother Auto Throttle. (Previously it was unusable.)
- Smoother acceleration/power delivery.
- No more "OVERSPEED" warning message. Ever!
- Green/Yellow/Red speeds scale fixed on external view IAS instrument.
- Better behavior at "slow speed" (between 160 and 250 knots).
- Because of all these engines and systems parameters I had to refine, I also had to remove the dependency with "Pelicans is Space" mod. Now, this "Pelican Improvement Mod" is a standalone.

- User Guide PDF included: It will guide you through a complete flight with every important step, number and information.
"Major" update! We move to branch 2.x which will include Halo's characters and objects. And to begin this, I'm happy to welcome Cortana aboard the Pelican!

You can show/hide here with the toggle in front of her seat (it has a label, you can't miss it). Oh, and if the Pelican's power is off, she won't show.

And I know, she's very static currently, but hopefully she'll have a subtle animation soon enough.
- Speedbrakes, landing lights and down wash effect work now with the Police livery too
- Light indicators for Fuel Valves status (idea of KomradeKD)
- Decals: changed the fonts and overall look of all previous mod's labels.
- Decals: added lines and labels for the three fuel valves. With PBR texturing.
- Flares >> Toggle Recognition Lights
- Machine gun v2 (not perfect yet) >> Toggle Logo Lights
- Cargo Door can be opened/closed with "Toggle Rudder Pedals" bind
- Downwash effect when hovering close to ground/water
> Intensity relative to Radar Alt & Engine RPM
> 4 Spots : 1 under each engine
Initial release



Asobo has done something great. A bold incursion of the Halo franchise in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Unfortunately it was not done with enough ambition and the default Pelican they created has poor performance, sad lighting, and is totally uninteresting. It has no soul.

Lord Frites decided to fix this and give this machine a real identity.

But even today, there are still some fun features that could be added to make it even better: Master Chief in the cargo bay, a Warthog attached under the tail, maybe a HUD too? We will try not to abandon this nice and unique aircraft.

Released on: 2022-06-30
Version: 3.0.2


  • Complete performance overhaul (altitude and speed).
  • Speed brakes / spoilers.
  • Complete cockpit lighting rework.
  • Landing lights all around the spaceship.
  • New labels for all the new interior switches.
  • Flares.
  • Machine gun effect. (The 3D model is gone for now).
  • Downwash effect.
  • Cortana as a co-pilot.