Flying Fries
Flying Fries


- Support for GTN 750 add-on
- multicolor aerobatic smoke (multiplayer behavior is not consistent though)
- Sea Monster: Anvil anchor
- Sea Monster: Added custom water sprays
- Startup smoke
- Wheels rotate when slightly immegered while flying over the water surface (Jonx <3)
- Include "Better Cameras" mod by Archer734 from
- FIX: Tablet screen on LODS 1, 2, 3 (both variants)
- FIX: Bug with autoremount behavior on water > now, only works on solid ground
- FIX: Prop_Axis animated + visible on all LODs - both variants
- FIX: Visual glitch with the bike frames on the Sea Monster
- FIX: PBR texture nodes for both LOD3 variants are now more accurate
- Scrapyard Sea Monster: Float variant (with 4 sets of LODs)
- New feature: emissive liveries > bound on Taxi Lights + new switch toggle
- New livery included: "dia de los muertos"
- Updated existing "Rusty Baron" and "Enzo" liveries with exterior emissive details
- Exhaust smoke improved: longer, better fade-in, fade-out, size variation, etc.
- Prop pitch blades orientation animation
- VR zoom
- Adjustable volume for COMS and NAVS
- Increase max light for glareshield and panels
- Improved "no stroboscopic" effect mode for the propeller
- All electronic and warning sounds are linked to "AUDIO PANEL" breaker. If the overspeed warning annoys you, you know what to do ;)
- Reworked all landing effects on all surfaces: for wheels, floats and wing tips
- Reworked all LODs to take into account tablet position even if viewed from far away
- Minor adjustment to flight dynamics (rudder efficiency increased by 10%)
- Minor adjustment to environment occluder
Initial release



Built over the course of 2022 and into the first half of 2023, this monster has much more to offer than meets the eye. It was a creative and technical challenge. To make something as complete as possible, funnier than anything else, higher quality than some payware and hopefully get people interested in it despite not being a replica of an existing aircraft.

With the future release to the marketplace, for the console users, the challenge is still on!

Released on: 2023-05-31
Version: 1.2.1


  • Highly detailed 4K and 8K PBR textures.
  • All custom instruments with support of dual VOR navigation, ILS, ADF, etc.
  • Garmin Aera 500 included and support of GTN 750 by PMS50.
  • 2 variants included: Bush Monster and Sea Monster (on floats).
  • Extreme STOL and aerobatic capable.
  • Droppable ballast that greatly impacts the performances of the beast.
  • New automations: automatic flpas retracter + automatic ballast remount to manage helipad landings!
  • A lot of custom screens with useful indications such a power/torque, and live fuel calculations.
  • Custom engine smokes and water spray (with the Sea Monster).
  • 26 working circuit breakers.
  • A lot of unique sounds.
  • Completely customizable aerobatic smoke with 5 independant multicolor emitters.
  • Custom interior lighting with several options and dimmers.
  • A miniature sun as the landing light :)
  • 3 liveries included by default
  • 4 LODs for performance optimization in multiplayer.