Flying Fries
Flying Fries


- New persistent option on clipbard: toggle visibility of antennas in "nose canopy" area
- Improved toggle click spots for the clipboard options (titles are clickable now)
- Added a ton of bolts and a few details in the nose area (especially around the nose canopy)
- User manual updated - with a few detailed paragraphs regarding fuel mixture management
- Fix: label for console lights intensity knob
- Fix: cowl flaps sound plays also if operated through key binds
- Fix: improved sound effects for wheel touchdown
- Fix: re-added the fuel leaks VFX that disappeared in v1.1.0
- Fix: Canopy porthole now affected by rain and ice
- Propellers blur effect improved
- New VFX: Vortices and contrails
- New livery: Navy
- New knob: gyro compass calibration (for classic and garmin instruments)
- Canopy clean or dirty (persistent option on clipboard)
- Canopy porthole provides a clearer view than the rest of the canopy
- Improved Cowl Flaps and linked them to regular sim inputs (LVar "Cowl_Flaps" has been removed)
- Magnetos linked to regular sim inputs
- Screen of Garmin GNS 530 can now be separated in a pop-up window (Alt Gr + Left Click)
- Fix: battery amp needle now correctly animates when Alternators are ON and battery is fully recharged
- Fix: cleaned dark spots behind "tail/drops" fuel gauge, tank selector
- Fix: cleaned dark spot on front wheel (all liveries)
- Fix: main gears (L&R) animations could wobble on some setups
- Fix: left mixture lever, screw animation
- Fix: improved UV Mapping for GTN 750 screen
- Better texture details on some nose items
- Changed the "FSExpo" decal (no more Tropicana! *sob*)
- User manual updated
Initial release



A unique, sleek and powerful aircraft with an incredible story. That's the XF-11. Built by Hughes Aircraft Company between 1943 and 1946, this very first prototype flew only once and landed exactly zero times. It crashed on its maiden flight, piloted by Howard Hughes himself, who survived the crash and flew the modified Mark II a year later with better success.

I have been scraping old drawings, schematics and low-quality photos for months to try and recreate with the greatest fidelity this iconic XF-11 Mark I in all its glory.

For the bravest among you, there will be some random failures that could trigger and make your life much more complicated!

Released on: 2024-02-09
Version: 1.1.3


  • Highly detailed 4K textures.
  • Engines, landing gear bays, two cockpit decks, etc. fully modeled and textured.
  • Precise CFD flight model.
  • Era-correct auto-pilot installed.
  • Random failures available with various severity levels - disabled by default.
  • Garmin GNS 530 available with one click.
  • Fully compatible with Garmin GTN 750 by PMS50 if installed.
  • Aircraft configuration and refueling via the clipboard (no need for the fuel and payload menu).
  • Complex electrical system with functioning circuit breakers.
  • Complex fuel system with 7 tanks, 10 pumps and so many routing possibilities!
  • Variable propeller pitch with feathering and reverse pitch.
  • Engine and ground roll vibration effects on the levers and needles.
  • Custom interior lighting with dimmable lights and UV lights.
  • Interactive exterior static elements (remove the chocks or plug the GPU manually if you want).
  • 8 liveries included.
  • 4 LODs for performance optimization in multiplayer.
  • A lot of custom sound effects.
  • Custom visual effects: Epic smoke when you start the engines, fuel leaks, etc.
  • Interactive in-game checklists with all the highlits and cameras you need.
  • A long, detailed and illustrated user manual.
  • A few hidden easter eggs!